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East View Publications, Inc. Copyright c 1993 by Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi voennyi arkhiv. No part of this work may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, electrostatic, magnetic, tape, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the express written consent of the publisher.

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We at East View are proud to have played a part in this transformation process. The Russia of early 1993 finds itself facing many of the same problems which confronted the young Soviet state in the 1920s. Ethnic turmoil, unrest-if not civil war-on the periphery as well as in the center, sharp debates about the role of the uniformed military and economic chaos are but some of the issues which find continuity in past and present.

If ever an archive held keys to a better understanding of the current situation, surely it must be the Russian State Military Archive.

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This second volume follows the same form and conventions as the first volume. The next section, Section 10, is devoted to separate and independent units of the Red Army, such as artillery, engineering and signal troops. The next section covers the directorates and staffs of fortified regions and fortresses, and Section 13 addresses military academies and institutes.

Volume Two concludes with a number of appendices: As publishers East View wishes to extend special thanks and appreciation to a number of people. Deserving of special credit are Mikhail V.


Stegantsev and Liudmila V. Dvoinykh, the chief now retired and deputy chief, respectively, of the Russian State Military Archive. Their decision to work with East View Publications on this publication.

We are confident that their independence and assertiveness will long stand as an example of how Russian archives should be administered.

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Other major contributors to the preparation of this volume include: Vladimir Strezhnev, who typeset the enormous manuscript; Yuri Usachev and German Baichurin, who coordinated the typing of the manuscript and the shuffling of it among a number of people; Tamara Kariaeva and the staff of archivists at TsGASA who carefully reviewed the typeset manuscript for spelling, accuracy and style; and Sergei Stelmashenok for the jacket design.

This two-volume set is the culmination of literally decades of man-years or more accurately, woman-years of meticulous cataloging, research and writing. Consequently, the publisher feels somewhat compelled to take the unorthodox step of offering a dedication of our own choosing. Thus, we would move to dedicate this archival guidebook set to its creators, the women and men who have devoted their professional lives to cataloging and administering the Russian State Military Archive, which surely ranks as one of the most bountiful repositories of soon-to-be discovered Russian and Soviet history.

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May the historians of the world appreciate your toils. Their decision to work with East View Publications on this publication - V - project - a momentous and bold undertaking in an extremely conservative community - has paved the way for a number of similar projects involving other Russian archives and Western organizations. Росархив Федеральные архивы Региональные архивы Музеи и библиотеки Выставки.

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